LEARNow™ presents a cloud-based, cross-platform, cross-device mobile learning ecosystem to support and enhance the performance of your mobile workforce. Now, you can author and deliver seamless learning content that transcends mobile devices and operating systems, at one go.

The Three Components of the LEARNow Ecosystem:

Mobile devices have the potential to be a powerful learning vehicle and real-time decision making support devices.

LEARNow™ Author

A rapid authoring tool, it helps in faster creation of story boards. It also combines a storyboarding tool with a powerful publishing tool.

LEARNow™ Deploy

The deployment tool publishes the content in HTML5 format. The content published from LEARNow™ recognizes the device on which it is displayed and adapts the display in the appropriate format depending on the display mode and space available on the screen.

FRUN: Fluid Resolution, Universal Navigation

Our proprietary, FRUN technology enables you to create true mobile responsive courses. Courses created using the LEARNow™ Author will not just automatically resize to your device but adjust the elements to the resolution of the device.

Highlights of LEARNow™:

Requiring you to author just once, irrespective of the delivery platform
Integrating FRUN - Fluid Resolution and Universal Navigation
Automatically resizing display and intuitive navigation on any device
Providing offline access on your device through the LEARNow™ app, allowing syncing of progress and results with your LMS
Enabling a wide variety of organizational and usage scenario
Providing in-process, on-demand performance support for sales, marketing and other processes