The cloud-based LEARNow Deploy allows you to deploy your learning content. LEARNow™ recognizes the device on which it is displayed and using our FRUN technology, adapts the display in the appropriate format depending on the display mode and space available on the screen.

Apart from learning content, LEARNow also supports all other kinds of assets like videos, eBooks, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations. iOS and Android Apps allow users to access content even when offline. The app automatically syncs with the platform when internet access is available and updates the information. This allows learners to start the learning on their laptops while in office and then shut the program and take the rest of it offline on their tablet or smartphone through the app.

The easy to use interface and the large number of reports assist in learning administration and analytics. Tata Interactive Services also provides administration services if required by our customers.

The assessment engine bundled with the platform enables you to create assessments and provide certificates.