Case Studies

mobileworkforce One of our clients, a large private sector bank with 30,000 employees has now implemented a BYOD policy for their increasingly mobile workforce. This includes not just the Relationship Manager or Business Development Managers on the field but branch and office employees as well.  They were looking for a learning platform that could help them push out learning content and assessments to the employees. The LEARNow solution integrates with their LMS to provide them with a mobile learning platform combined with the full scale capabilities and features of the LMS. The LEARNow apps provide the ability to access the courses offline and sync with the LMS whenever a Wi-Fi connection is available.

More and more organizations are now looking for a platform to be able to deliver learning to a mobile workforce. This could range from field employees like sales and customer service employees or on-site workers, or even executives who only use tablets and smartphones for their daily business transactions. LEARNow provides a way to reach this mobile audience.
e-learning_journey One of our clients, a medium sized company with 1000 employees at locations in 10 countries was looking to develop their first e-learning program on the Code of Conduct. The whole program had to be built and deployed in a month's time to enable the organization to meet their compliance requirements. The LEARNow Author allowed the course to be developed rapidly to their standards and deployed on the cloud based environment.

If you are a Small or Medium Business, the LEARNow solution offers you a one-stop shop to develop and deliver training without having all the related costs and implementation hassles of an IT implementation. TIS offers support services like training administration and reporting to our SME clients to support them.
action_learning LEARNow supports the Flipped Classroom model at one of our clients, a consumer goods company with a portfolio of world-famous brands. Their Leadership development programme, a 12-month accelerated learning programme centred around a 4-day annual learning event. A substantial part of what is delivered during the learning event is core information which did not allow many people to actively contribute and collaborate during the event.

LEARNow provides the Leadership Development team with a flexible method of developing rapid, but high quality, content and distributing to attendees that then encourages them to contribute to threaded conversations in a chat room to share their experiences.

LEARNow offers organizations a mechanism to deploy communication content around an initiative whether it is e-learning, Office documents, e-books, videos or pdfs.