Rapid Authoring

Rapid Authoring

The LEARNow Author allows you to create mobile learning content rapidly. The easy to use Word Based interface allows almost anybody to create and publish mobile learning content. The starter set of templates can take care of courses with simple to moderate levels of interactivity along with the options of additional templates, if necessary. For more information, please refer the Create/Author section.


FRUN: Fluid Resolution, Universal Navigation

FRUN is our proprietary technology that enables our solution to deliver true mobile responsive design across multiple devices-laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Courses created using the LEARNow Author will not just seamlessly resize to your device but adjust the elements to the layout available on your device for viewing. The Navigation also changes automatically from a PC (Next/Back buttons) to a touch device (Swipe).


Offline Access

You can now access your mobile content when you are online or offline through the LEARNow App. The data syncs automatically to the platform or your LMS whenever there is internet access, thereby providing in-process, on demand, performance support for sales officials, marketing officials, Senior Managers and other processes. Currently both the iOS app and the Android App are available with the Windows app planned for early 2014.


Flexible Models

Customers can opt from a variety of implementation modes to suit their specific situations.
Are you a large organization at a higher e-learning maturity and existing platforms? Convert your courses to mobile using LEARNow Author and connect up the LEARNow platform to your LMS.

Just getting started on e-learning?
Use LEARNow to create rapid e-learning courses and host it on the LEARNow platform as your LMS.

Need just an assessment and certification provision for your third-party partners?
LEARNow provides a cloud-based solution, which enables to create assessments and offer certifications. For more usage scenarios take a look at the Case Studies or Contact Us for your specific problem and we'll come up with a solution.